Who are your customers? What are their “problems” that need to be solved? How do you identify them and speak directly to them? Using market research, your database, and your sales team, we create detailed customer “personas” that you can target through your marketing campaigns to maximise your sales outcomes.


Whether you’re looking to tweak your current website or you want a fresh start, we design fresh, attractive and strategic websites and landing pages that are activated with inbound marketing tactics to ensure you’re capturing lead data and growing your customer base.


Communicating with your audience regularly through social media is a crucial element to staying “top of mind” within your customer’s buying cycle. We’ll develop a social media marketing calendar for you that works hand-in-hand with blog content production to maintain and grow your social media presence.


All that lead generation needs to be put to use, and that’s where email marketing comes in. Regular email newsletters offer another touchpoint for your brand, to ensure you’re maintaining brand recall and keeping your audience aware of the latest developments from your business.


Advertising through Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising ensures you’re growing your audience by putting you brand in front of new faces, while retargeting can entice potential customers to return to your site through targeted messaging.


The goal of all marketing campaigns is to attract people to your website. But what do you do when they arrive? Impact PR positions your business as a solution provider by attracting visitors to your activated website to convert them into leads, sell them your product/service and retain them for future opportunities.

A common mistake made by businesses is to focus on immediate sales opportunities and put future sales into a separate basket.

Inbound marketing builds a long-term sales pipeline that nurtures potential customers until they are ready to make an enquiry and the conversion process starts. By keeping potential clients in the information loop you stay top of mind when the buying process commences.


“Logic makes people think, emotion makes people act” – Kenny Hill

And there’s nothing more emotionally stirring than image and video. We can source or produce high quality still and moving imagery to bring a spark of humanity to your online presence, and communicate your business through visual storytelling.


Every consumer uses Google to find the solution to their problems. You may offer the solution, but are you being found? Without SEO bringing you to the forefront of your industry, your potential customers may not even know you exist. Impact PR develops your SEO strategy using a number of tactics that will increase the visibility of your website and ensure you’re being found by those who are looking.