Our Approach How We Work With You

The Brief

A thorough briefing is vital to a satisfying outcome. We will need around 45 minutes to explore what you are looking for and what your goals are aiming to achieve. Everything’s on the table and I’ll you a lot of questions about your business and competitors so we work off a solid base.

The Roadmap

Once I have all the information I need, I’ll build a visual map so we see what it is we’re trying to communicate and the best way to structure the information.  This is the start of building the foundations of success.

The Prototype

This is where we start to link the technology with the outcomes and discuss how this will complement your business and engage your staff. We finalise your customer profiles, key audiences and the strengths in your business (and the weaknesses in your competitors).

The Design

This is where we start designing the structure and artwork. During this phase we go back and forth to ensure the concepts will deliver the the solution and we are 80% there.

The Delivery

At this point we disappear for a while to finalise the program and design and will return with the completed project.


If you are looking for a website for your business, I can design and develop a fully responsive and interactive WordPress site for you, using the best technologies available for fast, Google-friendly and SEO optimized websites.


My Basic Package includes:


  • Custom and unique website
  • Extremely fast website
  • Fully responsive, with a mobile-first approach
  • SEO and Google indexing optimization
  • Score over 90 in Google Performance Tests
  • Social Media integration

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