Project Discovery

Use this form to tell us a little about your project and what you’re looking to achieve.
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Project Application
  • Snapshot
  • Business needs
  • Target audience
  • Design concept
  • Success


This is your opportunity to tell us about your project and the goals it should achieve. The more information you give here, the better the solution we will be able to provide and the more accurately we can define the investment required. Ignore any questions that are not relevant. We will email you a copy of your answers for your records. This worksheet is divided into five sections:

  1. Business snapshot
  2. Business needs & goals
  3. Target audience/customer
  4. Design concept
  5. Success criteria and final questions

Business Snapshot

Even if you’re not sure, let us know the price range that most closely represents what you’re looking to invest in this project. While we can’t give you an exact price until we know more about your needs, our website projects typically start at AU$2k.