Facebook admits organic content is dead & it’s filled with junk

In a somewhat awkward turn of events, in terms of content views and viewers, 30% of the top 20 most popular links on Facebook resulted from spam or inauthentic behaviour.

The top two best-performing links came from the same website, with over 50 million views, before the posts were blocked for violating the Inauthentic Behaviour policy.

While the report focuses on the US for non-US readers, the report offers valuable insights into what content is performing best on the platform at the moment.

For example, most of the views in the US during Q1 2022 (83.8%) did not include a link to a source outside of Facebook.

For the 16.2% of views in posts that did include a link, they typically came from a Page the person followed (this includes posts which may also have had photos and videos, in addition to links).

In short, for content marketers, most of the organic post links are rejected.

Admittedly, it is different for news publishers, but using Facebook organically to drive direct response seems to get more challenging with each passing year.


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