Project: Waterford Rise

Waterford Rise

Waterford Rise is a 1250 lot subdivision in Warragul that is 90% completed.

Over 7 years Impact assisted in selling more than 1000 lots using Facebook lead campaigns, media communications and blogging to raise its SEO visibility.

Impact created a Facebook marketing and Google Ads campaign to generate sales in the award winning estate.

ImpactPR also managed four major marketing and launch campaigns for the four display villages built on the estate.

Facebook campaign

In the past 12 months our highly successful lead campaigns at Waterford Rise have succeeded to the point where we were able to achieve results significantly better than any other agency working on the 40 estates managed by Oliver Hume.

Through 2020 we secured more than 400 leads for Waterford Rise as an average cost per lead of $69 and a cost per sale of $2095 (signed contracts) for a total $1.6 million of land sales.

This was based on a monthly spend of $2500 and generated 45% of all 949 enquiries into the sales office (Jan-Nov 2020).

(In February 2021 we secured more than 30 leads in February for less than $10 each)

The lead to sales rate was 1:33 which was three times better than the Oliver Hume average across its projects (1:100 leads).

In 2020 Impact recorded 8 sales directly from Facebook advertising.

The aim was find qualified leads with additional information, such as budget, their location and time frame to purchase allowing use to target buyers by location and retarget through time frame and budget.



  • Waterford Rise had 47 leads for November.
  • The names in bold are the latest leads for the Stage 68 campaign including Stage 2
  • Overall 30 leads at $26 each
  • 17 require H+L packages (av budget $450,,000)
  • 13 require land (av budget $210,00)


All this information is then channelled directly into a CRM and is immediately available for the sales team.

Using House and Land packages was also a key to success of the campaigns – and where possible – to include indicative finance costs.
Ie:” you can buy this house from $455 a week – less than rent!

Pre-qualified leads

ImpactPR has extensive expertise in gathering and prequalifying new customer leads to grow your business